Embroidery Services

This isn't like grandma's embroidery.

We are experts in the thread game.

We've operated a full service embroidery department for over 20 years. This means you will get a level of expertise that is rare in this industry. We can help you with the design, thread choices, fabric selection, art placement, and more. If you have questions about which fabrics are best for embroidery or if you're curious about different types of threads, we can answer all of your questions!

Furthermore, since our embroidery department is in-house, you won't have to worry about your garments getting sent to an unknown (and often inexperienced) contractor. Instead, you can rest easy knowing your garments are in the hands of an experienced company with top notch equiptment. We take pride in our work (and yours) every step of the way.

Our Capabilities

We operate top of the line commercial grade machines. We can embroider just about anything - baseball caps, t-shirts, polos, jackets, blankets, and much more. We can work with designs in a broad range of sizes, from small logos on the left chest of a shirt to large artwork on the back of hoodie.

The Basics

Embroidery is priced on a per-stitch basis. Size is a major indicator of stitch count but it's not a true way of identifying the number of stitches. Stitch count can vary widely depending on the design such as the intricacy of the design and number of colors. As an example, a small logo on the left chest usually ranges between 6,000-8,000 stitches and is about 1.5 inches x 2 inches. Our in-house experts can determine how many stitches a design will require. Send in your designs for a free quote.


Digitizing fees: $35 for small artwork and up to $150 for large artwork

No other setup fees!

Stitch Count
Quantity 0-6,000 up to 7,000 up to 8,000 up to 9,000 up to 10,000 per additional 1,000
48 - 96 $4.00 $4.30 $4.60 $4.90 $5.20 $0.35
97 - 250 $3.20 $3.50 $3.80 $4.10 $4.40 $0.30
250 - 1000 $3.00 $3.25 $3.75 $4.00 $4.25 $0.25
1000 or more $2.80 $3.00 $3.20 $3.40 $3.60 $0.20

Contact us for a quote for designs with over 20,000 stitches.