Finshing Services

Make your garments retail ready without lifting a finger.

Neck Tags

There is a variety of ways to affix your company label and care instructions onto a garment. The most common place to affix these labels is on the neck of the garment. Click here to learn more about designing garments labels. Tags can be stitched over existing tags or we can remove label tags.

Standard Neck Tag

This tag is the most common neck tag. It is a two sided tag that is stitched into the neck seam creating a loop. The quality of the tag varies, however it is the most economical option.

4 Sided Sewn Tag

A label is stitched onto the neck of the shirt. The label is sewn on all four sides and lays completely flat. While the size and quality of the label can vary, it is a slightly more expensive option than the standard neck tag.

Loop Neck Tag

In this option, only two sides of the label are stitched onto the garment. This allows the garment to be hung by the label. Labels are generally thinner when used in this manner and may require an additional tag for care instructions.

Screen Printed Tag

Want to go tagless? Screen printed tags add another design element to the garment while also being functional.

Hang Tags

Traditional Hang Tag

This method uses a gun to attach the tag to the neck label or arm of the garment. This is the common method of tagging in the retail industry.

Pinned Hang Tag

Add a high end touch to your products. Custom printed tags are attached the the neck or body of the garment using pins. Pin styles, threads, and tags vary wildly. Use them to reflect your brand image!

Sewn Tags

Stitched labels can be sewn anywhere on the garment with the most common area being the bottom front of the shirt or arm.

Four Sided Label

This label is stitched on all four sides onto the garment. These labels are generally larger than the edge label and work better for larger logos or to accomodate the brand name.

Edge Label

Make sure your brand logo stands out while also being subtle. This smaller label is looped around the edge of the garment and affixed with a single seam. They are small enough to be placed anywhere on the garment but are usually on the front or the sleeve.

Tag Removal

To get the most customized look for your garment, we offer tag removal so that your garments maintain a custom look.

Tag Cut

To remove the label, we cut the tag as closely as possible to the seam without causing any damamge to the stitching or garment. This is a fast and economical way to remove tags.

Complete Tag Removal

For complete removal of tags, we unstitch the neck seam and remove the tag whole. We can then attach your brand label or simply re-sew the neckline.

Embroidered Embellishments

Small details can give your garments a high end finish. Adding a small embroidered logo to the sleeve of your garment so you can stand out! We offer complete embroidery services and we love adding small embroidery embellishments to your garments. We can stitch your logo, brand name, an inspirational message, or anything else you can imagine!

Iron and Fold

Think all screen printers will iron and fold your garments? Think again! We are proud to offer these services so your garments are TRULY retail ready.

Sticker Application and more!

We can add all the finishing touches to your garments. Have a unusual request? Bring it on! We love creativity and the challenges that come with it.